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Inequality Rising and Permanent Over Past Two Decades
Disadvantaged Becoming Worse Off Long-term; Tax System Has Helped But Not Significantly
by Vasia Panousi, Ivan Vidangos, Shanti Ramnath, Jason DeBacker and Bradley Heim

Income inequality in the US has increased in recent decades, and this increase is of a permanent nature, according to “Rising Inequality: Transitory or Permanent: New Evidence from a Panel of U.S. Tax Returns.” Using new data, the paper shows that the advantaged are becoming permanently better-off, while the disadvantaged are becoming permanently worse-off, making economic mobility more difficult. Although the research shows that the US federal tax system has provided some help in mitigating the increase in income inequality over the sample period, it has not significantly altered the broadly increasing inequality trend.

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Posted by Felix Erlichman



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